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Seriously, who am I?

John Smith

I’ll answer that in a minute. I’m going to be shockingly honest about myself too! How honest? Honest enough to make you wonder if you want to take any personal development advice from this guy. That’s OK. I’m not handing out advice. However, you may learn a thing or two as I record my personal experiences while I test out personal development strategies and new ways of thinking to see what actually works. I’ll share what works with you and trash the rest. Sound fair?

Why be that honest? Have you ever wondered if other people experience what you are experiencing? I mean that stuff that you don’t want to talk about? Inner secrets. Inner shame. Inner pain and struggles. Feelings of being ‘abnormal’ and ‘different’ from the people around you? Do you ever feel apathetic and hopeless because you’ve tried every way you can think of to ‘improve’ yourself? Are you cynical about the possibility of actually being able to change? I’ve experienced all of those things. But, I am also starting to see the light at the end or that dark tunnel!

I’m being honest because I want to connect with such people. As you’ll soon find out, I don’t live in a ‘Ivory Tower’ somewhere inventing bullshit personal development ‘strategies’ to package and sell to desperate people for some insane fee. I am in the trenches with you fighting beside you. Some of the recent positive shifts that are happening in my life came out of some experiences where I became nearly suicidal but chose to do what (at the time) I thought was unthinkable instead — I decided to be honest and seek help.  It came with a cost , but it was worth it. Don’t be fooled, I’m far from where I want to be, but I’m finally headed in the right direction!

I don’t want to waste another minute of your time. Before you explore the rest of the site, go on over to my “Who Is John Smith” page. Get to know who you are dealing with and then decide for yourself to stay or go on your merry way.

How This ‘Blournal’ Came Into Existence.

Yeah, I think I just coined a phrase by combining the words ‘blog’ and ‘journal’ into ‘blournal’. Go me!

Really, it’s a kind of crazy story. Too long to tell on this page. That’s why I wrote an article telling the story behind  my creating The ‘John Smith’ Journals. If you are new here, you really want to read it first. It will shed a lot of light on things and everything else your read here will make a lot more sense.

So here it is.

The Idea That Sparked The ‘John Smith’ Journals.

Let’s Get Connected!

Please visit my ‘Contact ‘John Smith’ page to discover all the ways you connect with me personally. You’ll find out how to you can contact me, join my growing ‘John Smith’ Facebook Community, follow ‘John Smith’ on Twitter, and more!

Now that you know about me and what this ‘blournal’ is about, why don’t you go ahead and explore my…

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2 thoughts on “Welcome To The ‘John Smith’ Journals

  1. Just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed your blog. It’s very positive and self affirming. I think if you look for positives, and notice and appreciate when good things happen, you’ll be happier and get more out of life. You have some really great ideas here. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you, librarylady, for your encouraging comment. I have a lot more to share so I hope you keep coming back. Don’t want you to miss out!

      Speaking of the idea of being self-affirming, may I recommend that you read my series on ‘How To Be Delighted With Yourself’. It deals with this subject very thoroughly.

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