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How Would You Like To Join Me On A “Reality” Expanding Quest?

Expand Your RealityHello, my name is Joshua Wright the creator of Expand Your Reality. You may be wondering who the heck is Joshua Wright?

I’ll answer that in a minute. I’m going to be shockingly honest too!

You see, I’m not coming to you from the typical “I have attained everything that I want and now I’m going to show you how” standpoint. Far from it.



Instead, I am coming to you with the standpoint that “I am a fellow traveler along this path and would you like to explore it together”? Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been on this path for a while now and have learned some very ‘unconventional’ things along the way. I think you will learn a lot from our interactions. As unusual as it is to say, I also hope to learn from you along the way too! Anyways, you can hear some of my story and get to know me by visiting my Who Is Joshua Wright page.

Can I Ask You A Few Questions?

  • Have you ever felt ‘stuck’ or that life was at a ‘stand still’ with no idea of how to proceed?
  • Have you experienced worry, stress, anxiety, panic, depression or hopelessness?
  • Are there things in your life (habits, thinking patterns and ways of viewing the world, relationships, emotional problems, your level of health and physical fitness) that you would like to change but have no idea how to even start?
  • Have you ever felt apathetic and hopeless because you’ve tried every way you can think of to ‘improve’ yourself or your life circumstances?
  • Are you cynical about the possibility of actually being able to make positive and beneficial changes in your life?

If you said “yes” to any other the above questions, I know exactly how you feel. With that said, do you mind if I ask you one last question?

How Would It Feel If You Could Change All Of That?

Wouldn’t if feel wonderful to know that there are mind technologies, techniques, strategies, ideas, spiritual practices and other methods that can and will help you take back control of your own mind, decisions and destiny? What would happen if you suddenly became the ’cause’ in your life instead of simply the ‘effect’ of your past story and present circumstances? What if you knew you could succeed because you finally know that you know that ‘success’ and ‘failure’ are always a ‘inside job’.

Those new possibilities are exactly what I would like us to explore together. No person is an island (although I tried the ‘loner’ route for quite some time).  Expand Your Reality is an ongoing record my (as well as my fellow writers and contributors) personal experiences while we test out mind technologies personal development strategies, spiritual practices and new ways of thinking and being to see what actually works. We’ll share what works with you and trash the rest. Sound fair?

We don’t want to waste another minute of your time before you move on and explore the rest of the site. In the meantime…..

Let’s Get Connected!

We are all about connecting with other like-minded people here at Expand Your Reality. Please visit my Contact Joshua Wright page to discover all the ways you connect with me and the other writers and contributors personally. You’ll find out how to you can contact us, join our growing Expand Your Reality Facebook Community, follow Joshua Wright on Twitter and much more!

Make Sure You Check Out Our Mind Expanding Blog.

The Expand Your Reality Blog is where it’s all at! My fellow writers/contributors and I make it our priority to deliver you life changing articles, videos and audios and products on a regular basis.  We want to keep you in the loop with our ‘bleeding edge’ discoveries…..

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2 thoughts on “Welcome To The Expand Your Reality!

  1. Just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed your blog. It’s very positive and self affirming. I think if you look for positives, and notice and appreciate when good things happen, you’ll be happier and get more out of life. You have some really great ideas here. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you, librarylady, for your encouraging comment. I have a lot more to share so I hope you keep coming back. Don’t want you to miss out!

      Speaking of the idea of being self-affirming, may I recommend that you read my series on ‘How To Be Delighted With Yourself’. It deals with this subject very thoroughly.

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